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Medium Shino mug

Snakebird Designs

Regular price $50.00

Formed on the potters wheel, this handmade mug  is a quiet show stopper.

In a buttery Shino glaze over a speckled stoneware clay body, it’s simple form is unassuming, refined and everything you could want in a mug. Featuring the classic Snakebird curved handle which invites the hand.

Medium = holds approximately 260ml comfortably, 330ml when full to the brim. About 7cm tall, 9cm in diameter.

Warning: may cause mug-snobbery, possessiveness and passive aggression toward that one housemate who accidentally collects mugs on their bedside table.

Please note that the item you receive may vary slightly from the images shown as there are multiple in this size and glaze type.