Now offering “supervised studio access” for budding ceramicists wanting support on hand!

Mission and Vision


To bring joy to my customer's daily lives, and the community at large.

To provide moments of reflection/appreciation through the tactility of ceramics intended for daily use. To encourage the free and regular use of beautiful things. To encourage connection to the environment around us.

Sarah's hand reaches for a box of test tiles on her shelves. There are books on geology and ink making, and stacks of beautiful handmade ceramics on the shelves below.



The hope for Snakebird Designs is to create items that people love- ones that are functional (or beautiful for the sake of being beautiful) and that people can form their own special connections with. 

Connection to land

Going forward, the aim is to use more found and local materials, showcasing the richness and beauty of the natural world around us. I want to divert waste materials by using them in my works where possible.


Snakebird Designs is intended for those who appreciate beauty that can found in every day life, regardless of their financial situation. It's very important that at least some of the Snakebird Design range stays accessible to everybody through initiatives like Community Over Capitalism.

Eventually I would like for Snakebird Designs to facilitate a space where everybody feels welcome to come and learn to create and nurture their inherent creativity. 

I would like to foster a sense of community where people can connect and share ideas.