Now offering “supervised studio access” for budding ceramicists wanting support on hand!



Snakebird Designs is committed to minimising the environmental impact of ceramics practice. 

Aside from the plastic stickers (deliberately durable since lots of people stick them on their phones), all packaging materials used for Snakebird Designs are compostable. This includes gaemi ranpak- a paper alternative to bubble wrap, water activated paper kraft tape and recycled paper for filling gaps, so once you take your sticker off you can chuck the whole thing in the compost or feed it to the worms! 

My business cards are printed on seeded paper, so once you've read yours you can soak the card in water for a few days and then put in a pot of soil and cover it with a few mm of soil. Keep it moist and it will sprout either into Swan River Daisies (purple native daisies) or Chamomile- to one day drink out of your mug as tea! 

Parcels are personally delivered by bike if possible, or are sent using Sendle, who carbon offset each delivery.  

Glazes from the latest collection have been made using hardwood ash, graciously donated by Bar Romantica from the pizza ovens, diverting it from waste. 

A brown paper parcel is lovingly being wrapped up on a table in Sarah's studio. The twine is being pulled. The parcel is wrapped in sustainable wrapping.