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Pomegranate tea towel

Snakebird Designs

Regular price $50.00

This Australian unbleached hemp/cotton blend tea towel is truly one of a kind.

With original Pomegranate designs hand stamped using a colourfast, eco-friendly water-based ink, no two tea towels are alike!

The creation of the stamp and the process of the printing means this piece is just as suitable to be hung on the wall as it is to clean up a spilt drink with.

The hemp lends it's  antibacterial and anti-mould qualities (very handy when damp dishes are involved!) and the top corner features a loop for hanging. 

Cold wash and see tag for care instructions.

Makes for a great gift!

Approximately 50cm wide x 70cm tall.

Please note that the product you receive may look substantially different due to the nature of the medium.