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Private lesson- Try the Wheel and Handbuild

Snakebird Designs

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*Please contact Sarah to arrange a time prior to purchasing by emailing or calling 0434 698 078*

Just like the Throw 'n Go Shed Sesh, but for two!

In this three hour session, you will learn about the process of pottery, from clay preparation to firing.

While one person is on the wheel, the other will create pieces by coiling, pinching or slab building.

To keep these sessions short and sharp, the clay will be prepared for you and your unique creations will be trimmed and glazed for you. * If you like, you can decorate your hand built pieces with underglaze on the day.

During the studio session, you can enjoy a snack over a safety run down and chat about the process of pottery, followed by some quick demonstrations.

You will then get to jump on the wheel yourself and get stuck into centering clay, pulling the walls and shaping your very own ceramic pieces or hand building, for one hour, then swap to the other activity for another.

To keep these sessions short and sharp, the clay will be prepared for you and your unique creations will be trimmed and glazed for you.*

Choose up to 3 of your creations to keep and select your top glaze, and they will be fired and ready for collection in approximately one month's time. 

What do I need to do to prepare?

  • When slinging clay on the wheel, things are bound to get messy! Please wear closed in shoes, no tight-fitting clothing and nothing you are scared to get dirty (clay washes out but it's best not to take chances!)
  • Please bring a towel
  • Unfortunately long nails and pottery don't mix! Make sure they are nice and short for the day.
  • You will receive an email with the address upon booking (there's lots of on-street parking and Yarraville train station is only a ten minute walk away)

Why learn with Snakebird?

  • Receive one-on-one tuition from a teacher who is patient, enthusiastic and knows what it’s like to be a beginner
  • Keep up to three items that you make on the day
  • Guaranteed good tunes (several hours have gone into curating the perfect pottery playlist!)
  • Immortalise your 'Ghost' moment with a photo of you on the wheel
  • Tasty snacks and an adult bev after 4pm

*If you would like to complete the whole process,  deciding the final shape of your piece by trimming the base yourself, this can be arranged. We will organise a time for you to return within the week after your throwing session to trim the base and decorate your pieces with underglaze, if desired. This additional session will be $40 per hour, paid afterwards.

    Customer Reviews

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    Caroline Castell
    A absolute MUST for any budding ceramicists!

    Our pottery wheel + hand building session with Sarah was fantastic. I learned so much in such a short space of time, and having such personal individualised help and attention is something that is rarely offered elsewhere in big group classes. Sarah really knows her stuff, and creates such a warm and relaxed environment where we felt really comfortable being able to ask questions have a play with the clay! She also worked with us to guide us through making some more ambitious pieces that we really wanted to make, which was so appreciated, as we hadn’t had the chance to do this before. I would absolutely recommend a session with Sarah for anyone at any stage of their ceramics journey, or anyone just wanting to try something new and have a really fun day. The experience was invaluable to us and I will definitely be back to make more! Thank you Sarah.

    Rania Tabet

    Our pottery session with Sarah was perfect! She’s a very friendly teacher who clearly put a lot of thought and effort into making this an enjoyable learning experience. She had an awesome spread of snacks, some super helpful illustration guides for us to reference and LOADS of patience. She taught us several approaches to working the clay and gave us a lot of creative agency, which was wonderful. I had a genuinely great time chatting away and making cool stuff with her. Thanks for everything Sarah!