Small half handled mug- Salvaged shino glaze

Snakebird Designs

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This small mug was made from a blend of smooth white stoneware and unrefined fireclay. It's body contains beautiful specks from the natural impurities, giving it an organic feel.

The jaunty little half handle is the perfect hook for a finger- possibly more comfortable than a regular handle! 

This mug has a foot ring for easier stacking.

Approximately 6.5cm tall, 9cm in diameter.

Holds roughly 250ml comfortably, 320ml when full to the brim.

Glazed in a Shino glaze made from locally foraged clay (click here to read more), it is part of the new Salvaged collection. 

*Caring for the Salvaged collection*

With use over time, the vessels will adopt the colour of food and drink used in them- for instance, a coffee mug from this collection will develop a beautiful patina with age, the cracks browning and revealing themselves further with each moment spent enjoying it.

Provided you are properly washing your items after use with detergent and hot water (as we should all be doing!), this is completely hygienic and will not harbour bacteria any more than a regular piece. 

Crackle glazes are extremely beautiful, and increase the fragility of the item somewhat. Please take extra care with items from the Salvaged Collection- perhaps avoid the dishwasher and microwave for these very special items.