Now offering “supervised studio access” for budding ceramicists wanting support on hand!

Collaborations, Commissions & Consultation


I am always on the lookout for interesting collaborative opportunities with people of all disciplines who value regenerative practices, material exploration and creativity in service of the more-than-human world. 

If you are a friendly and driven person who is working in the realms of conservation, ecology, land management, wildlife protection, environmental sciences, or you are a fellow creative (photographer/writer/designer/artist/craftsperson etc.) please reach out, I’d love to connect! 

Going forward Snakebird Designs will be prioritising work that can have the most beneficial impact on the world, and cross-disciplinary partnerships are amazing for that! Get in touch via


COMMISSIONS (material and site specific artworks)

Thanks to the research undertaken for In Plain Sight and Nothing New, my practice has expanded to allow for the incorporation of materials from the urban environment into sophisticated artistic pieces that have an integral, special connection to place. 

If you would like a truly unique object or artwork created using materials from a special location (such as plant matter, clay/soil/rocks, fragments of building materials like bricks/concrete/metal) or materials of abundance such as the waste streams generated by your business, please email to organise a free consultation appointment to discuss possibilities and pricing! 



Panel discussions and demonstrations are a wonderful way to connect and share the ideas, techniques and philosophies behind the work I do for Snakebird Designs. 

If you are running an event to do with sustainable design or environmental art, I’d love to get involved! 

Similarly, if you would like to green up your artistic practice (either personal or in a teaching capacity) please get in touch to discuss consultancy rates at